Changing the Name of Invoice to Invoice / Delivery Note

The is a previous posting in the forum suggesting that you can change the name of a form by altering the code that it uses.

I need to be able to print values on delivery notes for my customers.

If a name change is able to be done yjen by changing the Invoice from ‘Invoice’ to Invoice / Delivery Note’ this would solve my problem without too much hassle. The post suggests using the following method but I cannot understand where to change it. I am using the cloud version of the software.

Help please.



Entry in Forum

The title of a single form can be changed by creating or modifying a custom theme. Follow these steps:

While viewing any form, click in the upper right corner of the viewing pane.

Locate the following code in the first few lines of code (you may have to scroll to the right to see complete lines): {{title}}

Replace that code with {{title | replace: "Old Title", "New Title"}}. "Old Title" must be the name of the form exactly as it appears in one of the built-in themes. "New Title" is the text you wish to substitute. Both are case sensitive.

If creating a new custom theme, give it a Name:

and click
If modifying an existing custom theme, click

Any time forms are viewed in the particular custom theme, old title text will be replaced by new title text. For example, the title of a sales invoice can be converted from Invoice to Tax Invoice by substituting this code into the appropriate line:

{{title | replace: “Invoice”, “Tax Invoice”}} with this result:

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Those are the instructions. Follow them exactly and they will work. Understand that to get prices, you must apply the technique to “Invoice” not “Delivery Note.”

Thanks for that, I have followed the instructions and it has worked