One paid invoice now showing as unpaid

On my live version, I am running 21.1.55
On my test version, I am running 21.4.17

All I have done is backed up my live version and imported that into my test version. In theory, everything should be the same. However there are two differences.

One - I have one inventory Item that is now at the top, whereas in the old live version, it was third or fourth down. I can only assume that dashes now take precedence over numbers in sort order. I am not worried about this, but just mentioning it.

Two - I have an invoice that is showing as paid in the old live version, but is showing as unpaid in the latest version. I have only two invoices to this supplier and two payments to this supplier, so it was easy to check. The invoices and payments are identical in both versions. So this invoice should be showing as paid, but is not for some reason? The payment was entered by bank import.

Interestingly enough, in the latest version, my summary page shows zero for accounts payable, but when you click on accounts payable, it then shows this supposedly unpaid invoice.

This would appear to be a bug as even the summary page shows accounts payable as zero. I can’t see anything “wrong” with the purchase invoice or payment for this transaction.

If there is an inconsistency like this, it’s certainly a bug. How about Suppliers tab? What is the balance of the supplier, also zero?

The Suppliers tab shows that same amount as unpaid, but only in the latest version, not the older live version.

If accounts payable is zero but there is unpaid invoice, isn’t there another supplier that has balance in debit equal to the unpaid invoice balance?

Good idea looking at the suppliers. I have now found the problem although I can’t explain why I am only seeing the problem now as in theory the old/live version should show the same result as the current version.

I have two suppliers with the same name! One is active and the other is inactive. One is owing to the active supplier and one is paid to the inactive supplier.

Are there any plans to prevent identical supplier/customer names being used?

There are some changes though. Payments allow to set supplier for entire transaction. In previous version, it was possible to select different supplier on line item. Now it’s not possible.

When you select supplier payee, then Accounts payable will be automatically set to that supplier.

This means you don’t have to select supplier twice.

And this will avoid accidently selecting different payee and different accounts payable supplier on the same transaction like it happened to you in the older version.

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Well in this case, the supplier was only added many months after the transaction because payee/payer was only added to Manager sometime last year. So this would be the reason why the transaction was to the inactive supplier whereas the contact went to the active supplier.

But the latest changes makes sense to prevent mistakes.