Invoices stuck in suspense account

I have 2 invoices with 2 different creation dates that ended up posted in the suspense account.

I cannot edit/move these 2 invoices in the suspense account. Clicking on them does nothing

Also, the 2 invoices do not appear [by date in the suspense account] in my sales invoice list, so I cannot open and change them from there. How do I move them to my sales invoices page or delete them all together?

You have given little information. You say the invoices do not appear by date in the Suspense account on your sales invoices list. But do they appear in any other way? This could be a sorting issue, or a Start Date issue. It’s impossible to tell without more information.

Can you view these wayward invoices? If so, can you post a screen shot?

In my summary page, under equity, I show $40 in suspense, under retained earnings. Clicking on the $40, I go to a screen “summary, suspense” which lists 2 invoices. Both invoices have dates, 3-31-2016 & 5-2-2016. These dates are not to be found on my sales invoice page. I cannot click on the invoices in the suspense page.


OK, here are some things to try or think about. Your goal is to track down the origin of the two $20 amounts. Understand that Suspense is where Manager puts transactions that are incomplete, not allocated, or unbalanced. Rather than throw them away, it saves them for correction.

  1. Did you ever issue any sales invoices to Alta360 Research? If so, you should be able to find them in the Customers tab. You should see the number of invoices listed. Drill down on that number to get a list. View every one for $20 charges. These could be from such things as automatically applied late fees. A clue to that possibility might be a balance in an automatically created Late fee payments account on your Summary page.

  2. Create (or look at if you already have one) a General Ledger Transactions report set up to span the timeframe from 3/31/2016 through 5/2/2016. Scan through all your accounts looking for $20 transactions on those dates. If you find any, View them and check for completeness.

  3. Drill down on the balances in all your cash accounts and scan or search for $20 transactions on those dates.

Your #1 revealed no results by date and none by date via searching by amount.

Your #2 revealed several invoices for $20 on the dates noted. Found on the ledger under “Assets | Accounts receivable”

Clicked on all date/amount matching invoices. All show as have been received and credited to the correct bank account. I re-saved all to be sure they posted correctly. Went back to my summary page, equity still shows suspense of $40. Is my best option to do an adjusting journal entry of $40?
How exactly would I do this, I am no accountant.

No, absolutely not. You will just be covering up a problem that will crop up again somewhere else or some other time. And if you don’t know what caused it, you might do the same thing again.

It is very difficult identifying some of these problems without the actual accounting file. But I’m sure other users will have some ideas.

Yes, but what Account is being displayed (the line with qty/unit) - if its suspense then there is your problem - you haven’t either nominate an income account or the inventory item being sold.

What was the sale for - are the sale values showing up in that account - I suspect not.

Besides that, your Summary/Suspense screenshot is highlighting another issue - it doesn’t have edit or view buttons - how old is your version

Version: Manager 16.5.96
Screen shot is all the info I have.

Your version is quite old - current versions are 16.9.XX - so I suggest an update

Go to the Customers tab and click on the blue balance for Alta360 Research to get a list of their transactions. Go to the transaction with the date 3-31-2016 and click the edit button for it

Under Account what account is shown - if its Suspense then you haven’t allocated an income account for that sale.

If it is not showing Suspense, then post a screen shot of that transaction.

@JHNC, it looks like you are looking at general ledger on cash-basis.

Try to switch your Summary screen to accrual-basis and see if it has any invoices in Suspense. If yes, you will be able to click Edit button on those invoices show screenshot how it was entered.

My explanation is that you didn’t select any account on invoice line item. Show the screenshot that you did.

Brucanna: That is part of the problem:

“… Customers tab and click on the blue balance for Alta360 Research…”

there is no Alta 360 transaction with the date 3-31-2016 on that screen.

Lubos: How do I switch my Summary screen to accrual-basis? I do not see that option anywhere.

Click Set Period button on Summary screen. It’s actually on accrual-basis by default so you must have switched it before.

Lubos: You da Man! Switched to accrual basis per your directions, edited the 2 jobs - changed them to the correct account [yes, there were credited to suspense account]. Fixed!

Only odd thing was I now expected to see the invoices open, awaiting payment, but all Alta 360 invoices show paid. I’m not complaining, problem solved.

Thanks everyone, especially Lubos for the solution.

You have to click edit on existing invoice which posted in the suspense account. You will see there’s column for account which auto-grouped in ‘suspense’. Change that to ‘Sales’ or ‘Inventory Sales’. Upon saving, it should removed from the suspense account already.