After upgrade, Multiple entries

I spent the evening yesterday finalizing all my entries for the last three months, as I’m catching up with my accounting. The last thing I did last night was upgrade to the latest desktop version. When I opened my file using the new version (15.1.74), I notice that the same entries is repeated 2, 3 and even 4 times. I am so discouraged. Can I revert to the older version? I am not an accountant and have no bookkeeping experience so I’ve worked very hard at learning this and the software.

Do not despair, @Guy. I’m sure many will offer help. First, though, we need to know exactly what you are discussing. Which specific entry types are you talking about, in which tabs? Let’s start with a reminder that in double-entry accounting all entries should appear twice unless a transactions is split. Then it will appear more than twice. So depending on what report or ledger listing you are viewing, it might be completely correct to see things more than once.