New version altering everything in my file

I upgraded my Manager today and now when I open my files, everything looks different and all the calculations are all different and REALLY need to know how to get the older version or any help I can get!

What version did you upgrade from?

The software is updated regularly, so I you don’t upgrade your version, you can quickly get a long way behind

Luckily, the Guides are up to date and reading them will explain how to function


My files appear completely different on the new version. So is there a way to fix this issue? or would love to get the older version back.

What do you mean by everything looking different? Sure “not everything” is different. Can you be more specific as to what is the same and what is different to narrow down the problem?


Sorry, I didn’t mean all the info is different in the file.

All the transaction totals are different. In the older version, there wasn’t the option to tick box “Amounts are tax inclusive” - so ALL transactions that include tax do not have that box ticked in the new version (total is different from older version to new version). In the older version we completed the bank transactions under “Bank transactions” which I cannot see on the left side once i upgraded it.

“Bank Transactions” tab is now called “Receipts & Payments”

As for the invoices not having “Amounts are tax inclusive” checked, I don’t remember if this was ever issue for anyone upgrading. If you have a backup, could you send it to my email ? I will need to reproduce the issue

I have sent an email through. Please let me know as soon as you get it!

Have you received my email?