Supplier invoice number

I am currently using an automatic numbering for supplier invoices and use a custom field for supplier reference. This is very helpful in creating a unique reference for each purchase transaction and is easier for maintaining physical filing and I really appreciate being given this option.

I have searched previous posts of this and want to thank you for enabling this feature, however, since auto-numbering is enabled, I cannot search supplier invoices by supplier reference when entering payment. I was wondering if this topic has been considered before since I couldn’t find any posts.

Is it possible to create a built-in field for supplier reference that is searchable when creating a payment?

Make sure that in the settings for the custom field you have “Show custom field as a column” checked.

I also have custom fields on my purchase and sales invoices, and they are easily searchable from the purchase and sales invoice tabs.

EDIT: Sorry, reading through your post again I realise maybe you’re meaning you want to be able to seach from within the new payment edit screen. I don’t think that is possible. You would need to do a search from within the purchase invoices screen, then click on the result you want and create a new payment from there.

Thank you @GrahamvdR, yes it is checked and I have it as column, what I need is for it to appear here:

OK, understood. See my edit to my previous post. Getting exactly what you want seems to me like it might not be practical, given the many ways custom fields can be used and the difficulty of allowing for all of these posibilities. But @lubos and others would be better able to comment on that.

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Saw it, thanks mate.