Adjust themes for folders

I was using the folders tab to create a page with external links (for which folders are a great solution, thanks for that) when I realized that I cannot change the theme. My problem here is (and I am nitpicking here) is that I don’t need the headers in my folders because they use a lot of space and require the user to scroll to view the content like so:

I was thinking that maybe we can apply a custom theme for folders because that would be great to have.

How did you create the display you show in your screen shot?

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by using html inside a custom field for folders

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I hope that the developer will consider introducing a custom theme for folders. What you have here is how folders should look in Manager as the current default design only really works for one or two attachments but is not very accessible for lots of attachments.

Interesting how you have also managed to integrate your Google calendar with Manager. Not sure if there is any benefit to integrating the calendar for me, but it does demonstrate the power of the program.

This isn’t diverting the main topic but I just realized that the main reason I suggested a custom theme for folders was to be able to get rid of the headers that come with the plain theme.

But then I realized that master tabs like customers, suppliers, employees and items all have a view mode without a theme.

And now realize that adding a custom theme would only complicate things so my new request is to drop themes from folders all together since all customization can already be done by injecting code into a custom field.

I would disagree. Custom themes will make it easy for non code people to change the Folders to their taste to make it look like the view you have.

Secondly - The vast majority of people, myself included will be using the folders directly and saving the attachments into the folders area within Manager. I have all my attachments within Manager already. There is no benefit to me to host my attachments on a third party platform.

So a custom theme is still very relevant.

What you are actually requesting is that the plain theme for folders is modified so that it does not show the headers. It would help if you could clarify what headers you are actually referring to? The name folder and your company logo or what?

With my custom theme that I use for Invoices etc - I have my address on a single line at the bottom of the invoice page. This takes up significantly less space than having the address going down several lines on the RHS. With a custom theme for folders, you can simply delete the company address information as it’s not really relevant to folders.

In short, Folders actually needs a plain theme specifically designed for Folders very similar to what you have, but without the logo and address. Then custom themes to give users the ability to easily customise the colours as you have done.

Could you give an example of the html? Did you put in as paragraph?

Actually looking at the themes for customers, suppliers etc, I think what should be requested is two themes. One for internal use (Customers, Suppliers, employees, inventory and folders) and one for external facing use (purchase orders, sales quotes, purchase quotes, purchase invoices and sales invoices)

The themes used for Customers, Suppliers are basically the content of the form with minimal layout and presentation and it does look quite basic almost as if in draft or beta version. Internal themes need to be a little bit more polished.

@dalacor maybe you’re right, but the way I see it, there’s no real fields for custom folders to be used in a theme and that’s why I think direct html injection is easier than writing liquid that writes html. But I really don’t know if other user have other implementations, so I guess you might have a point.

Yes, the whole table and buttons are html code injected inside a paragraph text custom field.

Would just like to pop in and say that this looks beautiful. I’ll implement something like this for myself, haha :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I was thinking more that Lubos could create the “rows” that you see in your example and all the user has to do is change the colours. The fields are your attachements.

Can you please just give some sample HTML code injection. I know like many others how to use HTML just would like some guidance how best to do it with Manager related to Manager database fields. thanks!

I don’t think this will every be implemented especially with themes soon to be outdated, however, I found a solution using Extensions.




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What’s happening to themes. I have not heard anything about them being removed. I use custom themes for my quotes and invoices.

There not being removed any time soon, but support from them will stop and themes will be kept as a legacy setting, just for compatibility sake.

welcome to the club of people who were as shocked to hear it as you are now. :sweat_smile:


Are they being replaced with something new?


This is my second time now scrolling through to see what kind of recourse there is to a matter with Themes (the matter of my logo ending up on the “Customer’s Side”, this time) and instead of a solution I’m seeing that “themes soon to be outdated” and replaced with “Extensions” …without any explanation of what it actually means.
How about a fix for the small matter of my business Logo returning to the right of the document above my Business Info…then we can go into WoE are Extensions?

@Kemar_Douglas, as your first post, you have diverted this topic with two unrelated questions. Please read the FAQ.