Idea: Note/Todo Tab

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I would like to suggest introduce new tab where would be possible to record ad hoc notes, reminders, comments todo. Even better if would be possible to link these notes with particular transaction.
For example, customer sent copy of invoice and promised to deliver original. I take note on that and then remind to customer. Sometimes I am using Folders for that, but that is not meant for that purpose, therefore not very effective or convenient.



Would it not make more sense to connect your Manager via API to a front end where customers can login to their customer portal and view invoices etc or request a quote etc. This is pretty much the direction that all companies are going in.

Obviously it does depend on the nature of your business and clients, but this is the direction that I am going in anyway.

I theory, your idea sounds good, but this is more on the CRM side and for CRM, you really need something where clients can login etc.

In my opinion, there are already plenty of operating system features and standalone apps that can integrate calendars, notes, reminders, action lists, phone books, etc. This suggestion would divert attention from other needed developments in Manager. For example, there is still no worksheet for the simplest and most widely used method of asset depreciation, straight line, that was promised long ago. That is a basic accounting need that ought to take priority over personal task management tools.


@Solnce and you can integrate those into manager using a folder and a custom field where you can embed the link. That way you can achieve something similar, if not better.

I already used that with google calendars and it looks great.

You should try that.

If you’d like to see this feature improve, you can vote here:

Your shared resources, looks really good.It is clear that having a custom theme for folders would really help as you can do a lot more than just simply attach documents

It does demonstrate the power of Manager that one can do so much with the program.I might consider doing something similar to this to store all my VAT return receipts as I can’t attach them to my VAT returns as they are reports not transactions. I have not used folders for them yet, as its not really practical using the default design of folders, where all I can do is attach pdf’s. I need a table format like your shared resources.

I will have to think about using this for other areas that I was considering implementing within the customer portal.

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