Add customers, suppliers, ledger accounts from entry screen

It will become very easy for the manager software users if the software will be able to add new customers from the invoice creating screen, same should be for creating suppliers, items, ledger accounts ,new account groups with a add new input box. The next great step for this great software should be this , which will save us a lot of time. also provide us with short cut keys for various entry.


Yes, that would be very useful… I always forget to add a new supplier and have to go back.

It’s a must-have function!

It is on my to-do list but it’s unlikely to be implemented earlier than in September.

Is it possible to also allow us sort suppliers by the optional code instead of alphabetically? So you can work with the flow of the codes for easy access?

Back to this old topic… any news?

I can now confirm it will be implemented in April (next month).

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This is a major workflow problem that prevented me from using Manager over Zoho Books. April is now last month, is there any progress on this feature?

I was unable to sign in to my account because your forum still uses OpenID2, which is now obsolete, and disabled by Google.

I’ve been waiting for this key feature since I first discovered almost a year ago. I find your accounting application to be the easiest to use, but because of the way my business works (almost all sales are with new customers) it is faster to input invoices on Zoho, and so I have to stay with that until this changes.

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Fixed now.

I actually did work on this feature last month but wasn’t able to finish it so I simply moved on. I will have another go before end of this month.

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Any progress on this?