New suppliers or customers during input Purchase or Sales invoices


Especially for those who input the accounting documents in bulk, per week or month, it would be useful if it would be possible to create new suppliers or customers while inputting the purchase or sales invoices, instead of leaving the P or S invoice input module to enter the creation of new supplier or customer module, and then having to go back to the invoice input module.

Example : during the input of my invoices of the month, I come across a new supplier, and if instead of leaving the purchase invoice module to create this new supplier, I could simply create a new supplier by clicking on a button “New Supplier” next to the existing supplier dropdown box, and then automatically return to the same screen after entering date of the new supplier, that would certainly keep the fluidity of the input going. (same for customers)

This would be especially handy for us who don’t work with purchase or sales orders.

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If you upgrade to the Cloud or Server edition, then you can have that feature

I not found this feature.

also, this feature is very important for us.
When we don’t know customer is old or new, It’s not possible to memorize all customers data.
So, If you give us the feature, where,
We should check or add new customer in sales invoice.

Right click a link and open in a new window will allow you to create a new supplier without leaving the invoice entry screen

Thanks for your kind reply.
But, More important is, check and add new customer.

I am glad you have many new customers every month, but most companies would not have that many new customers so it is not a big problem for most users, I suspect.

As I said, you can always have the Customer tab open in another window so that it is available at a click

Neither me, my employees nor any of my clients have a problem in this regard. I usually have to tell my clients once to open a new tab, do their thing, clear the field and then expand the drop-down … and I never heard from anyone again.

But it’s tempting to do have a link in the drop-down to create a new master record. A link to open a creation form in a new tab would do just fine.

I understand if this isn’t a priority for the developer but this seems to get brought up every so often.