Create a “Copy to recurring …” button for regular transactions

Sometimes, i have to create a payment , then I figure out that this payment should be a recurring payment. So i have to create from scratch a new recurring payment and enter every single field from scratch

Can we implement an new button under the “Copy To” , to create a new recurring payslip for this same payment so I will have to choose only the interval?

And this could happen for all other transactions such as receipts payslip interaccount …

This capability already exists for all transaction types. For example:

Ohh Thank you I did not know that

Thank you

But you can not find this in the payment transaction

That is correct and should not be possible to setup because of the following.

Note that if you would be able to setup recurring payments and receipts this in essence would mean that Manager would allow the banks of either the customer (receipts) or the supplier (payments) to put or pull funds into or from their accounts.

Recurring payments are authorisations by your business to your bank to issue payments to the suppliers. Similarly Recurring receipts are authorisations by your customers to issue payments to your business. Therefore, these authorisations and transactions take place outside of Manager and are done by the banks based on your business (payments) or the customer (receipts) instructions. You can when importing a bank statement assign these to the recurring and other invoices.

Even though most people should not be using recurring payments, recurring receipts and recurring inter account statements since the assumption is that they will be importing bank statements.

However regardless of it, we already support recurring payments/receipts/inter account transfers for quite some time because many people were asking for it. What we didn’t have is the ability to Copy to for these sections.

The latest version (24.4.4) is adding this for the sake of making the implementation complete.