Adding Comments & Reminders

I m getting a very good hang of your system even though i m not good at accounting side.

But i would like to contribute some ideas to improvise this system.

1: Ability to add comments against customer so that at any time, we can get some idea about all issues for that client.

2: Reminders: We normally charge clients every year with annual maintenance, where remembering those dates is a bit hard and really don’t want to use something else for that. So may be put some functionality against client as reminder so that it will be easy to invoice client on that date.

Not a life stopping issues but will make software easy for people like us.

Thank you for this great piece of software and support.

  1. I’m planning to implement something like this. Not just for customer but for any piece of data in Manager.
  2. This will be covered by “Recurring Sales Invoices” plugin, you can vote here to push it up the list

Might want to add also Notifications wherein we can create Tasks and Reminders directed to specific users.
All tasks, reminders, and notifications will be summarized under a new module. Our current ERP offering have this one and it also create user-to-user messaging.

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