Feature Request - Sales Invoice Comments / Notes

I would like to request the ability to record comments against an object, specifically a Sales Invoice, although I’m sure it would also be of benefit to other parts of the application.

This could be used for reminders and contextual info. For example:

  • INV105: “Customer called us about overdue invoice, they intend to pay tomorrow.”
  • INV107: “Customer called to query second line item charge. It’s an error so I’m crediting the amount.”

Each comment would be displayed alongside the name of the logged-in user that created it, and the date/time it was created.

Other users that open a Sales Invoice could then see any comments linked to it and determine that, for example with INV105, they don’t need to call about that overdue invoice because the customer has already contacted the company about it and spoke to a different employee.

There are two similar (but abandoned) threads:
Feature request (Notation Tab) (April 2015)
Feature Request - Basic Notes (October 2014)

It looks like Lubos is in favour of the concept, although this doesn’t seem to have been implemented yet (at least, I don’t believe the “note on its own” is available):


I don’t know if it’s of any help, but on occasions I have added a ‘comment’ line to an invoice

You can put it in before or after the invoiced items, but I do find it handy at times.

@ShaneAU, your linked articles predate custom fields. You should be able to accomplish what you want with a custom field set to show as a column but not appear on printed documents.

Thanks. In this case it’s intended to be a private/internal note that should never be shown to the customer.

Good point about custom fields.

If adding several notes to the same invoice (or other record type), it could get a bit messy. But it would technically work as a place to store temporary notes & staff could manually enter their name and the date that the comment was made, for context.

I’ll experiment with this further within Manager itself soon.

I have marked your answer as the solution. Custom fields will do the job :slight_smile:

Here’s the approach that I’m taking. It’s not as flexible as the suggestion but achieves the goal. Two separate fields, one for the main date of interest, and another for relevant notes: