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Hello everyone,

I’m just learning my way as self-employed business manager and am allready a big fan from your software. I’m familiered with accountancy in Belgium, so I could have some great ideas to propose extra items for the software.

First of all the software looks realy great, user friendly compared to other software. However I’m missing some things that would make it even better (like attachments, Custumable Payslips calculations with taxcalculations ,…). I have browsed the forum and noticed that many users also have proposed new items. Instead of bothering you with proposing the same items,improvements,bugs,… Could it be an idea to make a page with Future items to come/under devolpment with maybe a target date/status update. This will answers many questions I read in these forums and prevents

Hope to have helped.

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I would second that.

I second that, it can even have a percentage progress bar

I’ve just added a roadmap, see: Free Accounting Software | Manager

Keep in mind, this is just quick write-up from top of my head. I might have missed something important.


You are great