Adding a file - Chose File

When adding a file the Choose file button does not do anything
in Version 21.3.40
I cannot add a file
This is the first time this has happened what do you suggest


  • Desktop, own server, or NG Software cloud
  • Operating system linux, Mac, Windows 64 or 32 bit
  • operating system version
  • If Windows desktop is Webview2 installed

Windows 64
Webview 2 is installed

What do you mean by “adding a file?” There is no “add a file” function in Manager. Are you referring to attachments?

Adding a business
Import Business

When Choose File button does not react

Business import choose file

  • Windows 7 64 bit Professional
  • Webview2 installed
  • Clicking on the “Choose file” button brings up the windows file selection dialogue box or me.
  • Selecting a file in the above allows importing when the “Import Business” button is later pressed

I have done this many times
Windows 10 and webview2 installed
Clicking on the “Choose file” button does not open the windows file

Please respond on my problem since I cannot add a company

You are using version 21.3.40

Can I suggest you upgrade to the current version and see if that will fix your problem

I upgraded to the latest version 21.3.73 it did not work
I deleted Manager from my system and reinstalled manager

I now sit with the problem that all the companies I work with are gone and I cannot import a company

Just to remind you when I click on Choose file nothing happens
My windows 10 is up to date and webview 2 is installed

Yes, this is a problem for you, @restdev. But my question is why are there no businesses listed in the first place? Updating Manager, or even deleting and reinstalling it, should not affect the list of businesses you have previously added. They are contained in separate data files in your application data folder.

Two questions:

  • When you say you “have done this many times,” do you mean you have tried to import the businesses many times and failed? Or do you mean that many times previously you have imported the businesses? If the latter, why are you constantly importing businesses? You should not have to.
  • If you click on the Businesses tab at the top of the Manager window, you should see a black rectangle at the lower left corner of the window. That contains the current path to your application data folder. Navigate there and post a screen shot of the contents of that folder.

Hi Tut
Thank you I solved the problem of getting the files back but the original problem of importing a file is still there

I could not see your current application data file on your screen shot Move desktop application data to another folder | Manager
Is it there?

You did not answer my questions. You only said you had solved the problem of getting your files back, without saying how. The issues may or may not be related. No one can help if you do not answer questions.

@restdev for Manager to be able to present business data files to the user, Manager needs the application data file path to be valid and it needs read write access to that location while running. Hence my interest in seeing how you have defined it.

I can reproduce not showing the application data file path if Manager is running as a Managerserver.exe not ManagerDesktop.exe version. In the server version the application data file is set as a command parameter when the server is started and not updatable by the web client / user

Hi Patch
I run the desktop version
The data path appears in a black block at the bottom of the screen
I copied the backup files in that path and I have the data back
I work between 2 pc’s and take backup from the one to the other one
Back to Choose File, Normally when yo click on Choose file it opens a new explower window allowing to choose a file this does not happen

This is what happens with my version of Manager (Desktop 21.3.75 running on Windows 10)

Click on Add Business

Click on Import Business

Click on Choose

Select the backup file

Click on Import

The backup is imported as a new Business - ready for action

So this would lead me to believe that the problem lies with your Windows and/or browser installation or configuration in some way

Do they both have the same issue.

By the way you could move your application data file on both computers to a common shared location then you would not need to move data when using the other computer.

You are right but in my case not possible
In any way, if that was possible then I still have to use the Choose file to link to the central location

Perhaps you could give more information about the PCs, the Operating Systems and browsers being used as it is almost certainly a problem with your configuration and not with Manager itself