Trying to add a business on desktop version

Hi been using the desktop version for two years. formated my comp but am trying to add a business so that i can load the back up file but it wll not give an option. someone help

When you open Manager and before you select Business to open there is a add Business button

Do you see the above screen shot on opening Manager?

yes the add button is there but not the remove button . . .

There is no Business listed in your screen shot, how do you open up your company.
The Delete Button is probably not displayed as there is no business to delete.
What version are you on - under “About Manager”

In your original posting what do you mean by “formated my comp” ?

Thats my screen shot . . .when i click the add button nothing happens

Have edited my earlier post so you may need to re-read.
You should copy your backup file with a different name, perhaps with 2015 in the title.
As I haven’t used Import Backup, you will need advise from others on the correct steps.

If you have been using Manager for 2 years and are trying to import your backup, that suggests you are working on a new machine or have moved or deleted files. Is that correct? Nothing shows because Manager cannot find any data to work with. Please provide more details on how you got into this situation.

Probably what you need is a clean installation of Manager. By the way, when you click Add Business, you should see a drop-down box offering the choice to Create New Business or Import Backup. Of course, to import the backup, it must be on a drive accessible to Manager.

@Tut I think they want to create a second business which is used as a backup, ie Main Business - which is ongoing and Main Business 2015. Can you “Import Backup” into a business with a different name from the original backed up business?

I am working on a new machine. i have installed the software but cannot see the drop down menu to create or import ?

its version 16.1.75

This sounds like an installation problem. I would uninstall and reinstall. Your photo suggests you are a PC user. I’m a Mac user, so I don’t know the details on data locations. @dalacor could help with that.

Yes am a PC user . . . tried to uninstall and install afresh but same issue

You get the entire business, including name. But names can be changed. After launching the particular business, click the Rename link to the right of the name in the header bar.

You are beyond my expertise to troubleshoot this remotely. Somehow, though, you seem to be missing the supporting files Manager needs to operate. They should have been created upon installation. So one of our PC-savvy colleagues will need to step in.

Thanks @tut …hope someone steps in . . .

Thats my uploaded folder . . .someone please assist

It looks like you are using Windows 10 which I am not actually familiar with as Windows 7 works for me.

All your files are there - I compared them with mine although I have a slightly older version of Manager as I pre-new summary page look!

  1. Cause one: - Microsoft .net is not installed. Run windows update and install all your windows updates and check in add/remove programs whether you have Microsoft .net installed - otherwise manually install from microsoft website
  2. Have a look at this topic and see if changing the settings in IE will fix the issue as Manager is dependent on some settings in IE even though you don’t connect to the Internet

Cannot Add Business
3. It may be some Windows 10 issue that I have not heard about yet. But I suspect the above two issues are the cause.

Hope something here helps - if all else fails, then ask Lubos as he can run a trace on the program and see whats going on.

Although I just said your problem was beyond my help, I wonder why you seem to have both the desktop and server versions of Manager installed.

He doesn’t. I have never installed the Server product and I also have that managerserver file. Its obviously included with the desktop manager install for some reason. I suspect that has nothing to do with Server version of Manager but rather the backend of Manager - the part that handles the database call functions.

Can you also do a photo of the data files folder - should be User/Jester/Local/Manager ?
Maybe do a windows explorer search of the C: drive for all folders/files with “Manager”
I am also using Windows 10, ver 16.1.74 without a problem.
Perhaps ver 16.1.75 has a glitch but unlikely