Adding a file - Chose File

@restdev when you follow the sequence illustrated by @Joe91, what happens on your normal PC? Does the other PC respond the same way?

Is this the case for both

Are they both 64 bit

Not if you are using Dropbox, OneDrive or similar as your central location with internet access.
Then you never “have to use the Choose file to link to the central location”.
But both computers have to be on the same Manager version.

The same problem exists when wanting to import a bank statement
Choose File dows not open

This is a follow-up to a previous post
I still cannot import a backup company or import a bank statement
When clicking “Choose File” nothing happens
I have updated to the latest version and followed the advice on the previous advice given but no success

Can I ask you to please repost this in whatever the previous topic was? As it is, this comment stands alone, with no context.

Are you saying that when you click on Add Business

this page is shown

Then you click on the Import Business, you get

and when you click on the Chose file button, you do not get the Window File Explorer window

Sorry the previous topic was closed
When I “choose File” nothing happens it does not open take you to the popup where you will be able to choose a
file the process above is not possible

You can still post a link to it so other forum members know what was discussed. There would also have a been a reason a moderator closed it.

I looked up your activity history, @restdev, and discovered a previous topic you started on this same subject. It was not closed, so I moved the entire second discussion to the first topic (this one). The last time around, you asked all the same questions and got the same answers, mostly from the same forum members.

Among the tens of thousands of active forum members, no one else has complained of this. Please believe me when I say that, if this was a problem with Manager, there would be hundreds of complaints. There has not been a single one. This has something to do with your practice of moving business files back and forth between computers. You never completely answered questions about this; you only insisted it had to be done and that you had no alternatives. But none of your explanations made sense in the context of how Manager works.

I suggest that if you want help, you review this entire combined thread and answer everyone’s questions.