Added ability to show item images on quotes, orders and invoices

The latest version ( adds ability to show item images on quotes, orders and invoices.

To set it up, first go to your Inventory Items, Non-inventory Items or Inventory Kits and upload images for your items. Your images should have consistent sizing because Manager won’t resize your images. I do not want to be resizing them because then I’d need to make a decision of what is the “right” size and there is no one size that fits all.

Then under sales quote, order or invoice, check the option Show item images.


This will replace name item for item image on printed document.

Obviously, not completely pleased by having another checkbox introduced on already long forms but I do have quite a few ideas how to simplify number of options to make it more compact and intuitive in the future.


Can we use image links from our website? And could there be an option to select whether we want to show them on printed documents or not like custom fields

I assume that is a separate way of achieving a similar result. This new way ensure the image is always available to Manager when required as it is stored in Manager not on a separate web site (so better in my opinion).

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Please rethink this, the item name is equally or even more important and therefore would advise to have the option to still have it visible together with an image. Thanks.

Different users appear to express different preferences on what is displayed in externally facing documents.

There maybe a way of designing Manager’s behaviour to ensure it is comparable with by far the majority of supported business practices. However I do wonder if there is no unique Manager behaviour, implying the need for business specific settings to defined behaviour.

Personally I think I would prefer showing both if entered and hiding the column if there is no data for that document. I suppose the use case this misses is a business which used the Item name as in internal identifier for searching (a bit like the code field).

Fantastic enhancement and if you can please extend it to Employees as well

*We can include their pics

  • We can scan their Social security card or Driving Licence enabling get those numbers correct

Great :+1:

how much should the size of the image be?

If you choose to use the image, you can put the item name in the description field.

Very interesting Books @lubos has in the quote though :laughing:

Indeed. Is worth reading.

@Abeiku I am aware of that, even commented same but I do not think that my request is unreasonable and should be reviewed.

Totally agree.

I agree with others who think this is not desirable. There is no reason to think a picture would resolve questions or disputes about accounting transactions. That is more of a marketing feature for sales quotes. By the time a sales invoice is raised, you should be documenting exactly what was sold, not how it looked.

This is a great Job, Lubos - but it would be fantastic to add it in Receipts as well.

@Burhania You can find it under Receipts as well.

@Abeiku It is not available in the receipts - i.e. " Show Item Image" Option/check box is still missing in the Receipts - that is the difference.

Please enable this option for Purchase Orders as well, since the vendors need the images which i have to send separately.

There’s a small problem I’m facing is that the image of the item in most cases has to be changed but the name & item description etc remains the same. Now I have the following concerns:

  1. If I change the image in the inventory item, how will it reflect on the image previously used? Will it be removed from all documents previously made?
  2. It would be great if you could give this option to be used separately on every document, e.g. upload the image & click on check box if you want it to be showed on the printed document.


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Mr. Lubos
Greetings to you
In one of my projects

  • The number of stock items is 1718 and can be increased annually by 500 items
    Each invoice contains 280 inventory items
  • The number of bills per day is from 10 to 15 bills
  • If all stock product images are uploaded
  • Does the program manager bear that?
    How big will the program be after uploading product images?
  • The speed of response of the manager’s program, will you keep up with the work?

Notes on products picture
1- Showing a picture of the product is one of the old and good ideas to describe the product accurately
2 - The image must be a thumbnail of the image placed at the end of the row or line to display the price, invoice or document on which the image is to be displayed.
3 - If you click on the thumbnail icon at the end of the row within the price offer or invoice, the image will open with higher clarity and accuracy
4 - Pictures can be placed ((inactive)) until recall by clicking the mouse button on them…
Thanks to all


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