Putting pictures to Inventory

I am new with manager io.
It’s a very nice program but i want to ask if it’s somehow possible to put any pictures or other files within items in the inventory.

It’s nice when you can send a invoice with pictures so the costumer can see what we want to sell him instead of only tekst based messages.

Please can anybody help me?

As of now, you cannot add photos to inventory items. Improvements to report and invoice customization are in work, but I haven’t read anything about being able to add pictures. There has been mention of being able to scan receipts and documents to store with transactions, though. @lubos will have to comment about whether he envisions photos for inventory in the future.


Could always load the images to something like Dropbox then put the link on the invoice, not sure if it allows linking directly on the invoice template, but I think if you converted to PDF the link becomes active (I think :smile:)

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Thanks @tut and @chrismcdza

I should give it a try with dropbox.
But it’s really a nice thing when it van be intigraded.

The program looks nice and work great but in my case putting pictures and other files within it we be a lot easier.

Hopefully the future wil make this possible :slight_smile:

This will be possible when file attachments are added (next month). I might even make it so if you attach image to inventory item, the image will be shown on invoice or quote.


I would now like to start adding pictures of my stock for quoting purposes. Has this function been created?

I am still waiting for the update @lubos promised me? I downloaded every update until now but still no possibility :frowning: for adding pictures. The dropbox option was no good option. I received negative feedback from my customers.

Hi Skok,

Have you received any update related to update product image? If you found the way so please share. I am also facing the same issue.


Search the forum. The topic has been addressed with examples. Be sure to look in Releases category.

Can someone give me link or advise me, how to put photo at inventory?

Read the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/13392.