Added ability to upload images within edit screens

The latest version (22.12.1) adds ability to upload images within edit screens. Soon this will evolve into ability to show images of products on invoices, orders, quotes and other improvements.

On selected forms, you will see new section:


You can use it to upload scanned document such as invoice from supplier. The file you can upload must be in png or jpg format.

Over attachments, the advantage is that you can upload image while creating new transaction which means you can view the scanned document and edit form at the same time.

This feature is not much on its own but it is a foundation for more things to come in this direction.


Is it possible pdf could be added. Almost all of my suppliers provide invoices in pdf format

image formats sounds OK for that

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I will explore that option. But I think it shouldn’t be a problem since there is mature library PDF.js which can inline PDF documents within HTML page.


:+1: Very Nice.

Is there a possibility to display the image in view .


PDF will be great since picture format does not support multiple pages


nice option but can you do that for check box feature if check yes then upload image button shown in screen

How can we have the link of this uploaded image? is it possible…?

I think this PDF option would be a great idea. All my customers provide me with a PDF on invoices and Purchase orders.

Any chance you could put it in the dev pipeline?

Having used it as a key part of my own applications, I can confirm PDF.js is great. Works well even on lower-powered mobile devices.

Regarding Manager, I mostly upload PDFs as well, like others that have replied here.

Most of my expenses are for online businesses that send (or provide downloads) of the invoice, rather than me receiving it physically. Being able to upload the PDF file(s) directly on the edit screen would mean I don’t need to save and then attach the invoice separately.

However, this is ultimately a minor feature & the existing process of uploading it on the detail view instead does work. So I wouldn’t be devastated if support for PDFs here was a lower priority.

How do you do that? Maybe I missed it in the guides, but I am curious.

Just search the Guides for attachment.

Bottom of the page…


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It would be great to have .pdf to be displayed considering especially multi-page docs.

@evans, this topic is about including images within a transaction form. If you want to attach a multi-page document, you can already do that using the Attachments feature.

He is adding his voice to the implementation of PDF uploads option in the edit screen.

Lubos has stated previously that he plans to explore that option.

I understood that, @Abeiku. But @evans also emphasized “…especially multi-page docs.” I wanted to point out that documents like that could already be attached. Also that the capability announced by this thread was for embedded images. My interpretation of @lubos’ statement was that he thought PDF images could also be incorporated within transaction forms without too much difficulty, in addition to PNGs and JPEGs. I do not believe he envisioned incorporating multi-page documents.