Enable Item images on PO

Hello, please add the item images check box feature on the purchase order form.

It’s already there.

Please show me

Why? If I say it’s there, it’s there, at least on v22.12.6.534 Server. Show the version you are using. Windows Desktop
EDIT: Updated to still can’t see.


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The one you showed cannot be attached to the printed document. I want the following:


Sorry for my misunderstanding.
I also don’t see the option [Show item images] in Purchase Orders.

No problem, you can see the same feature available in sale order form.

Hi, @Mark waiting for your reply.

Idem dito. My bad.

But why do you want item images on a PO? All suppliers know their items by item code and placing images is just aesthetics and has nothing to do with accounting.

If you put yourself in others’ shoes, you will realize the world is different for everyone. I always have to give an image of the item with the purchase order. It would be great if I just attach the image with the purchase order.

In fact, I don’t need this feature on sales invoices but it’s there, I’m sure someone will be using it the way I want to use it on Purchase Orders.