Inventory Updates and removal (Bulk)

Good day,

I love this product but I just have some trouble with the Inventory. I imported my inventory but now the descriptions are wrong so I want to correct it or remove the inventory completely and re-import it. I cannot seem to do this. Can someone tell me what to do?

Did you do a backup of your data pre the import process? This action could offer the roll back to previous state you desire.

Sadly, there is no way in Manager to bulk-delete anything. Part of the reason is that there are very limited use-cases in which user would need to bulk-delete something from accounting software. Botched import is a valid use-case though.

So until some solution is implemented for these few use-cases, either make backup before import like @compuit has suggested or create dummy business in which you can test the import before ready to proceed with main business file.

Thank you for your feedback.

Hi, i just tried to look for a solution from existing topic. but not found.

from my inventory list of 100 items, i wanted to update only 5 items.
i filtered the 5 items by common string through the search button in inventory tab batch update.

shows correctly 5 nos count. but when i click it brings all 100 items to copy.
i do not want to copy all 100 items to excel for correcting 5 items and paste back 100 items.

i just want to copy only those 5 iitems to excel then correct it and paste back to batch update.

Well you could export all 100, copy the 5 in a new spreadsheet and then paste back the 5 in a batch update

Oh thats not the way to be, what if items are 1000 lines. batch should bring the required searched items only. or the export should have the key column and then allow paste back to system.

Agreed, but if one way is not working then you try an alternate way - otherwise you get stumped by a stale mate and nothing gets done.

yes, thats one way or just go edit and update each item in the inventory when number of edits are less. But @lubos can do something on allowing batch update (copy and paste) method to only those items filtered by search field.

The reason you get the entire list of inventory items when trying to do a batch update is that inventory items are individual subsidiary ledgers of the general ledger account, Inventory on hand. Picking out just a few and modifying them, then trying to reinsert them into the GL account’s position in the database is problematic.