Add support for status-like custom fields

Dear community,

I have been using to run my small mechanical business for a year and a half now, and I have found the software to be very helpful. However, as a non-coder, I often struggle to create fields in the software that fit my needs.

In Greece, it is common for manufacturers to issue a consignment note (Δελτίο Αποστολής) for a sale, which is then followed by an invoice within 28 days. Many products travel to the buyer with the consignment note, and after the goods have arrived, an invoice is issued.

To help keep track of this process, I created a Multiple Value Custom Field for the consignment note that allows me to click on it and choose if an invoice has been issued or not. However, I would like to be able to select this option without having to view all the code inside the box.

I know that I can make a list without the fancy green-red box, but this is more practical to choose between 2-3 words when dropdown in other applications as well. It would be easier to do this with a checkbox custom field, but I cannot find how to do it.

I have searched the forum to see if anyone else has had a similar issue and found a solution, but I haven’t been successful. If anyone can help me with this issue, I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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This is not supported. However, for dropdown custom fields, the software could be extended so the color could be associated with each option. Then custom fields could be made look like built-in statuses.


Thank you for your fast response.

I understand that what I am looking for is not currently supported in However, the idea of extending the software to associate a color with each option in a dropdown custom field sounds very promising. If this were implemented, it would allow custom fields to look like built-in statuses, which would be very helpful.

I appreciate your suggestion and hope that the team will consider implementing this feature in the future.

Thank you again for your assistance.

I’m not sure this idea may help you or not,
Why not you try to create a “Sales Order”, and from it copy to “Delivery Note”
So then you will have the notification(red) that you’ve not invoiced for this delivery yet.
Once you’ve invoiced(copy to from sales order to invoice) for it, the sales order will become green.
Please forgive me if I did not clearly understand your real issue.

It is a good addition though in many other contexts