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Right now I create a Sales Quote, which I issue to my client for approval. Once approved, I “Copy to…” this Sales Quote to the Sales Order tab. Once the work is complete and I want to issue an invoice to the client, I “Copy to…” the Sales Order to the Sales Invoice Tab. This is all perfect.

The problem I am having, is how to keep track of which Sales Quote has been copied to Sales Order, and then copied to Sales Invoice. There should be some indicator or status which would tell you which Sales Quotes have been coped across etc.

See attached example.

If there is currently a way to know the status of a Sale (which I have missed), please let me know.


No… you didn’t miss anything. So far I know admin is still working on it, yes it’s very important, we’re waiting for it.

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I think it can help us to monitor the progress of Sales Order.

Its something that we are all waiting for. Nobody will be more pleased than I when this feature comes out as I badly need this function and the suppliers for each inventory item feature. But this one tops the list for everyone for most required feature :smile: It is coming eventually.

Agree…!! I hope admin put it on the top of the priority list…

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Here is the thing. I know statuses are important but to be honest, I have still no idea how to implement them in order to keep everybody satisfied with implementation.

If you want simple statuses, I suggest just create a custom field. I just made it possible to create a custom field which can look like a drop-down list.

You can define list of drop-down options (e.g. statuses). Then select option which is applicable on individual invoices.

You can do the same on quotes, orders etc.

More advanced status implementation will most likely come after I implement warehousing and job-costing as these both concepts are somewhat related to statuses.

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Ok Bos… I’m looking forward the advances status… Ths.

Can someone please provide a short list of instructions or a tutorial on how to set this up?
Also will the custom field appear as a column heading when you click on “Sales Invoices”?
Many thanks

Please ignore my previous request, as I managed to work out how to create a custom field as a dropdown list and make it visible as a column.

The only issue is that there is no option to “Show custom field as a column” under “Sales Order” custom field settings. This feature is only available under “Sales Quotes”.

Can we have the option to “Show custom field as a column” under “Sales Order” please.

Hi, new to Manager and loving it. I too would like to have custom columns in Sales Orders tab so that I could just scan through and see order quatity etc.

I would add my request to have custom column for Sales Order Tab and for Purchase Orders Tab. Would it be possible to make this change for these tabas as well @lubos. Cheers

Adding my voice to the columns for Purchase order and sales order custom fields…

Added to the latest version (15.6.60)


Woohoo. Thank you. I will be doing my Purchase Orders this weekend and finally start using my Sales Orders.

do you have any plans to implement something so that Quotes and Orders will default to not showing quotes that are closed or successful etc. In short, the ultimate aim is to only show quotes and orders that are open/pending or whatever. Cheers

I have set up a manual method to do this. I’ve set up the following drop-down selections under " a custom field named Status". If a Quote has been invoiced, I simply select “Invoiced”; if quote never develops to a sale, I mark it as “Closed”… Works for me.

Notice the * next to what I consider “Live” quotes. By simply entering the * in the search field, all live quotes surface.


Yes I know that works, but what you keep failing to understand is that is still a workaround rather than a proper solution. The default of the program should be to show only live quotes upon opening the quotes. One should not have to use tricks to get it to show what you want. Your method works, but its not a proper solution especially as you cannot filter by live quotes and by client and it is a hack rather than a proper way to use the program. I want to open quotes and only see live quotes and purchase orders by default. I don’t want to have filter the view to see what I should see by default.

HI is there a status_field of sales or report showing the pending/next action in the work-flow of sales order upto sales invoice?

please see this sales offer screen, it is same in sales order too. now we have to filter this in every line item to populate data. it would make much difference if you give ‘a select all options’ and that automatically populates all filtered line items.

@mastertrading - Please do not post the same question in multiple locations. It segments the discussion, making replies hard to follow. It’s better to ask in one place only, and then wait for a response.

Here is your topic, please reply there instead, now that it exists: Sales order is not working - it will make following up on your question easier for everyone.

Maybe by adding a status column just like on invoices.

  • add a finished date field on sales order form.

On the sales order overview,

  • add a status column
  • if finished date is set - green label (sort to the bottom)
  • if delivery date is set and today date is before delivery date - orange label with days
  • if delivery date is set and today date is past delivery date - red label with days
  • if no delivery date is set - red label