Is there anyway of adding markers to Sales Invoices?

I have a load of sales Invoices to send out. Is there any way (in the Sales Invoices screen) of marking in some way, those that I have already sent out so I can see quickly those that I still need to do?

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Add a custom field for status. Set it to show as a column but not on documents.

I have put forward this thought some time back and think netconuk may be of the same line of thought:


Mar 22

We have multiple people generating Sales Invoices and emailing. Now the emailed documents are beautifully recorded under the email tab and you can confirm what has been sent and when, great!

The challenge we have is the management of what Invoices / documents have been sent via email and what has not.

Is there a way the Sales Invoices Screen can show an “email” status field telling us what invoices have been emailed or not? We would love this to be automated.

99.99% of all our customers are emailed and this status flag could help us not double send documents or have them over looked and not sent at all.

Look forward to any suggestions that may help. Thank you.

just be be clear the custom field is not the best solution for this.

Thank you @Tut. Whilst I acknowledge that @compuit has a point and he/she is welcome to carry on with this thread, what you suggested worked well for me. I hadn’t played with Custom Fields before and didn’t realise their power so thank you for that.