Delivery notice / status

First I want to complement you on this great program. I really am very happy with it and can do my whole administration in it.

There is just one thing that I’m really missing and I wondered if there is someway a way to do it.

When people place an order I can put it in the system under sales invoice and when they pay it says fully paid. But I want to keep track of the orders that I have sent out. It would be great if I could check a flag when the order has been sent and that it would show like ‘delivered’ in the status in stead of fully paid.

That would really be a huge improvement. Is there a possibility this could be implemented?


You can use custom field for this. Create a Sales invoice custom field called “Delivery Status” and have 3 drop down options under it e.g undelivered, delivered and Not applicable.
After getting a goods delivered message from your customer locate the sales invoice, edit it and change the “delivery status” to Delivered.
Is that okay?

Sounds good! I will have a look at that.


Don’t forget to check the “Show Custom field as a column” on the sales invoice custom field creation page.

Also you can change the style of the custom field to Drop down under “Type”. I am saying this because you sound like you haven’t used manager for long and therefore need some help.

Good luck

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Thanks! I already got it working. I’m indeed new with the program, but luckily quite handy with software :slight_smile: This is exactly what I needed.

I am just curious as to why you don’t use the delivery Notes or do you need to see on the sales invoice column itself that a good has been delivered as I can appreciate that its not easy to see a linke between sales invoice and delivery notes. The delivery Notes I guess is more for the clients rather than the business but you have the option to use Delivery Notes to track deliveries I guess.

I think that your question does highlight the issue of flow between sales- orders - purchases - delivery. One of the problems that I have is calculating my delivery fee costs for the sales delivery fee as I buy on demand.

The situation is as follows. I have done a kickstarter campaign to finance a book. The book is at the printer now and people are pre-ordering the book and paying it. I want to see in one overview, when the books are ready, which books have been sent out and which I still have to send as new orders come in. Therefore I prefer to see it in my sales invoices. Than I can easily keep track of that. It would be nice for example if it would be possible also to order the sales invoice by clicking on a column. Than I can see directly which orders are undelivered yet…

But until now I’m really happy with this program. It has very good possibilities to keep all my financial administration properly done.

Yes Manager is great, so easy to use and does nearly everything that I want. As you say little tweaks like being able to re-order the columns to see undelivered goods would be useful. good luck with your book campaign.

Have you tried clicking on columns? Maybe you have an older version, this feature has been implemented recently.

Well I will be damned. I did not know that. That will come in handy in the future. Thanks :grinning:

Ok, I’ll check my version than! That’s great news!

Edit: just updated. It works! Great…