Add On Modules For Specific Bussiness

There Must be Special Add-ons in manager For Specific Bussiness like Hotels has Different Needs from regular bussiness so there is special add-ons for hotels. Similarly for Resorts,Retailers , Educatinol Institution’s, Non Profit organizations,etc

@lubos Can it is Possible in future ?

Manager is a non-specific, general accounting package

if you need specialised features geared to a particular industry, then you would be better off looking at software packages designed and targeting your specific industry. many software companies specialise in producing software for specific industires and sectors.

Manager is a not designed for any particular industry and I would be surprised to see specific add-ons coming any time soon

Many General Accounting Softwares provides Industry Specific Modules(Add-ons) And i request the Developers to make Add ons for manager (if Possible)