Customize: On Off for restricted user

Currently only administrator can do Customize Feature on/off
if possible, user who got full access for Business able to do Customize Feature on/off will be better

This makes sense.


Implemented in the latest version (19.9.29)


Thank you

A great feature. Thank you @lubos.

can you please extend this function to allow the user who has full access on one business to create users for same business


It will be perfect

I really like to hear from @lubos that @abdulbari 's feature request is make sense also. Not only us, as accounting service providing company, but also our clients will very happy to use this feature. But one thing that it’s going to be excellent if ‘Administrators’ can choose this feature on or off per business.

Managers funding model is based on selling hosted or self hosted licenses.

An alternative structure is for people / companies running Manger to each buy a license from NGSoftware Pty Ltd and setup their accounting service provider to also have a login. This provides full access control and support from the accounting service provider.

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I don’t know what you mean @Patch. We are already licensed customer of NGSoftware Pty Ltd. We servicing our SME clients with our Accounting and IT professionals using Self-hosted Server Edition. And what I do say wrong we are Accounting Service Provider of our Country using this Manager, Ultimate Accounting Software, we had licensed and servicing our local people?
Kindly explain me, please.

@patch was just telling you that your clients can purchase their own license or subscription and get total control, instead of having to go through you for various actions. They could make you a user on their system so you can still provide support. It is just an option.


So, it’s just OK @Tut. I just agreed @abdulbari 's request and said that what i also want for my clients to see this feature too.
Whatever, thank you for your explanation.

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What you are describing is a Multi tenant version of Manager. Where one copy of the program code is use to service multiple customers but from your customers perspective they appear to have their own hosted copy of Manger.

Multi tenant software is licensed / charged per tenant with pricing typically the same as buying multiple copies of the single tenant server version.

For small to medium sized hosting business using multiple virtual servers each with a copy of the business software (Manager) provides a robust, reliable and flexible hosting service. (With administrator access as I described above).

For very large service providers a multi tenant version of the software may provide hardware cost savings by sharing program code memory. However the costs of maintaining security, and administration are higher within the multi tenant code compared to the multiple single tenant solution.

If you really have the customer base and are prepared to pay for what you are actually using, then perhaps you should talk to Lubos about commercializing the multi tenant version of Manager. As I suspect that is how he provides his hosting service.

Otherwise just buy your customers a copy of Manager sever each and continue to provide your value added service.

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