Manager as Hotel Account Keeper?

Is this software good for hotel accounting as well invoicing to customers as well putting everyday expenses.

My hotels are in 2 locations right now.

Please advice asap.

Or if anybody knows any other hotel accounting software besides Quickbooks since Hotels in India deal with a lot of Cash Transactions.

It should be, perhaps you should initially setup a Test company and enter your various types of transactions and see how they are handled with regards to your requirements.

Are these 2 location run as one business, if yes, then you could use the tracking codes feature, then you can produce separate P&L statements for each location

If the two locations are separate legal entities, then create them as separate businesses within Manager

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Hi Brucanna

It was really good suggestion of tracking code it really helped me since i am running the business with the same name, thanks a lot for that.

Actually I want to give the access of Expense Claims , Cash Account and Sales invoice of this software to my managers(Receptionist at Hotel Counter) who will be handling the cash at the counter at different locations. So, I wanted to know whether to create Each Sales invoice of customer that checks-in or is there any other efficient way to make this happen?

Please help!!!

@amit, be sure you understand the purpose of each module in Manager before using it. Expense Claims is for purchases on behalf of the company made by owners or employees with their personal funds. It is not the way to handle normal business expenses. An example would be that you, as an owner, happen to see a good customer at a restaurant by coincidence. You ask the customer to join you for dinner and pay for the meal as a form of marketing. That might be a legitimate business expense, but you might not have company cash or a company credit card with you. So you pay with your personal funds. Then you file an expense claim. Of course, I don’t know your operations, but I question whether a hotel receptionist would need access to that module.

You can issue a sales invoice for every customer, but the customer must be created in Manager first. Sales invoices are normally used when a customer buys on credit and will pay you in the future. An alternative is just to Receive Money.

Other possibilities include entering daily summaries rather than individual transactions. Of course, you will need some other software to maintain reservations, so you might find it easier to bill the customer from that package, presumably something optimized for the hotel business. At the end of each business day, you would enter summaries into Manager for accounting purposes.

Similarly, reception personnel might be given a cash box rather than access to the company accounts. They would be responsible to match the cash box to detailed receipts. Again, a summary would be entered rather than every transaction.

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This means you will need the cloud or server editions of Manager. For a Hotel to use the cloud edition, you would want strong and “very reliable” internet connection 24/7. The server edition may need the support of IT specialists to help setup.