Country Specific Edition

Hello again manager users; I hope all of you are doing good and feeling happy about the new updates, I know i am, thank you @lubos for the hard work.

Anyway; let’s get down to business:
Every country has it’s own specific needs when it comes to accounting; for example:

  1. a country might not deal that much with credit cards and it deals more with cheques
  2. the customer would appreciate the software more when it has a list of local banks already there by default.
  3. in some industries, the word rent invoice is better than the word sales invoice; after all details matter

I think local distributors should be able to customize manager more, to be able to customize the menu names for example or the defaults of the software, what do you think?

Maybe the possibility to develop custom plugin will give this possibility. Let’s see what the new APIs bring

The developer has specifically chosen to create a program usable around the world. As for your specific suggestions:

#1: The program already handles both credit cards and cheques. No changes are necessary, as neither is set up automatically.

#2: With more than 200 countries in the world and thousands of regional banks that come and go, merge, split, or rename themselves, how would you expect the lists to be updated?

#3: The program already allows sales invoices to be given new titles on a case by case basis. And those new titles can be set as defaults.

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I don’t think you understand my points
anyway never mind

I believe I did understand your points, @Salah_Obaid. #1 and #3, as you explained them, are already handled by the program. If you mean something else, please explain further.

On #2, I asked a question, but you did not answer. Where do you suggest the program obtain a list of local banks? And how do you suggest the program determine where a user is? The desktop edition is independent of the internet after installation and portable. Server and cloud editions could be accessed from anywhere.

I didn’t say the program do it, i said the local support team do it, the program just gives the necessary tools to make it faster

I think you do not completely understand how Manager is distributed.

A. there are no local distributors or local teams for support. All support is given by individuals from all over the world on this forum.
B. The translation of Manager isn’t done by local teams but also by individuals who are native speakers of that specific language. They are called a “team”, but as said, it is a bunch of individuals.

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who is manager designed for? isn’t it accountants like me who use it for dozens of local customers? if yes then we should have more room with customization, when have more room to customize the software, the better experience we and our customers have.
Everyone around me uses SAP, OR ODOO or something else, I always disagree with them and say no; manager is a better fit to medium size organizations, but then you come @Tut and say i shouldn’t be able to change the name of the “customers” menu to let’s say ‘clients’ WHAT THE HELL.

Who is Manager designed for? From the home page:


While accountants are one class of user, there are many others with different needs. Nevertheless, if you purchase a server license or cloud subscription, all your dozens of clients can piggyback for free on your installation. There is never a charge per user. For that, perhaps you sacrifice some flexibility.

No doubt. And the more complex the software must be to allow your customization. And the more it costs to maintain for all those people who are paying nothing for it.

I said no such thing. You are the one who brought that up late in the discussion as an example of local distributors (who do not exist) being able customize things. All I have said—twice—is that two of your suggestions are already in the program. And I asked for your ideas (which you still haven’t shared) about where the program would get the information for the other suggestion.

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The information will be added by the accountant him\herself

The updates Manager is doing from time to time is enough and as far as customization is concerned, they are giving enough option to customize where it is really necessary.
And instead of working on this heavy project, I think Manager should focus on dealing with problems which are common for almost all user, pure specialization won’t be a good and cost-effective idea.

So let’s support them in building Manager best suitable for all, country wise specification can also disturb the forum talk.
Today if someone ask any question, I don’t have to look about which country he is asking, hope you got my point.


Well, that is not what you suggested. You wrote, “the customer would appreciate the software more when it has a list of local banks already there by default.”

Another issue is that there is no place to add such a list other than to create actual bank accounts in the program.

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@Tut do you know about Odoo? do you know why they have 3.000.000 users? it’s because Pinckaers -the owner- knows that he can never built such a big empire by himself, google too did chromium which help alot with bringing more ideas and innovation to chrome.

@Salah_Obaid, perhaps you mistake me for Manager’s developer. I’m a forum moderator, a user like you, and have nothing to do with design of the program.

aha ok i am sorry i didn’t know, thanks anyway

Manager has support for pending deposits and pending withdrawals which is a generic concept of how cheques work.

Manager has built-in currencies and tax codes and even this is proving to be a problem. Not only because of constant changes but you can never have a complete list so you have to provide ability to create custom tax codes, custom currencies etc. It makes the system more complex overall.

You have mentioned you are an accountant dealing with many clients. As an accountant you will appreciate that businesses cannot rename their tabs. If they could, you’d have difficult time to navigate through the system if every business would call them something else (especially using illogical names). Saying that, I’m not totally against implementing this feature but there needs to be easy switch for accountants (like you) to see navigation in terms you recognize so you don’t have to constantly think what you are clicking on.

How about only the administrator of the server edition be able to modify them, i can make different default database for every industry, then for example if i got a new customer in advertising, i can just upload that database which he can relate to more, and i can keep track of every industry specifics and share that knowledge with my employees.
P.S. if you are gonna add this feature, please add it to the column titles too in every tab, that would lead to a very personalized experience