View Point May Be Changed

Hello Users,
i Would Like to Suggest @lubos to Change Viewpoint of Manager from Accounting Software to A Mini ERP Software.
this Should be Changed to :-

Looking For ERP Software?
Manager is free ERP Software for Small And Mid-Sized Businesses.

For Support of Above
Manager Is having Features Generally Not Available in Accounting Software Present in the market. Like :- Manager is capable For Creation of Custom Reports,
Also Projects Has been recently Included ( Start of Project Management Module ),
Divisions Are Already there ( Controlling Module ),
The Topics in Ideas category Will Make manager a Complete ERP Package:-
Some of them Are-

After Implementation of this there will be a Complete production Management Module.

With This Manager will be a Complete ERP Package.
with More Ideas Implemented Manager Has The Capability of Becoming the Market Leader in ERP Market.

In addition to what you said, there’s much more that’s needed for it to be called an ERP:

  • HR capabilities
  • POS capabilities
  • CRM capabilities
  • True customizability

I’m sure others can add more to the list but my idea is this Manager is the undefeated champion of the lightweight division (Accounting Packages). Why would Manager want to go into the super heavyweight division and start losing.


This forum is not for discussion of NGSoftware’s business plans. I have closed the topic.