Add new link

Is it possible to add a new link to he menu on the left? It’s just I find it a bit of a pain to go to Settings > Recurring Sales Invoices if I want to add a new Recurring Sales Invoice. It would be good if ‘Recurring Sales Invoices’ could sit in the menu to the left just under ‘Sales Invoices’ as that way it is easier to access.

That would would contradict the basic design principles of the user interface. Program-wide features that affect all businesses you create are in the top menu bar. Basic functional modules that enable capabilities for a business are in the left navigation pane. Tailoring features are under Settings.

You might personally appreciate having a tailoring setting in what you consider a more convenient location. But many users already complain at having to scroll vertically when using Manager. Every addition to the left navigation pane increases the likelihood they will have to and the distance they will have to scroll if they do.

You do not need to go click through Settings every time you want to create a recurring invoice. Once you have created the first sales invoice, possibly as soon as you have signed a customer up for a subscription, you can use the Copy to... feature to create a new recurring invoice: