Link Manager Tabs to each other

i want to suggest that Manager use “create” link in every filed that to create new item or tracking code when i’m composing an invoice or quotation. i.e: when i’m making a quotation and want to select a product, sometime i don’t want to create the product or item from “settings>Non inventroy items”, why not Manager make a Hyber link or a button when creating a quotation , in the item column i press the “add new” product and that automatically add the product to my Non-Inventory List.

Also this operation to be on every tab in Manager, it would be helpful.

Also, Can you create a Sales Funnel for customer , starting from the leads , deals, and ending with invoice?

First, you do not have to create a non-inventory item to quote something. Just enter it in the description field. Why create a new non-inventory item when the customer might not accept your quote? You will be left with that non-inventory item, which might never be used.

Second, Manager is not a customer relationship management tool. It is an accounting program.