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When creating sales invoice, Reciepts and many other stuff,…

You run into blocks when the customer, supplier or inventory is not already existing.

This causes you to close the transaction and first go to create them first before returning to the page.

Many other accounting software have shortcut links or button from sales invoices and reciept or payment pages to go to create customers, suppliers or inventory for those pages.

Can you please add these shortcut link or buttons to the sales invoice, reciepts and payment pages and all other pages that need them.

It affects user experience.



Nice Idea. We support this.

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You do not have to close the transaction, you should right-click on any tab such as customer and let it open in a browser, you can then create the customer and it will be available for selection in the transaction screen. You can have multiple instances of Manager active in your browser.


Thanks for this…and it’s a very good solution

However, it affects user experience and also not great for very non-techy users

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I support this @lubos please add this at times you have to close the tabs and create new customer first.


Not if you open as mentioned (see my earlier post) any and as many tabs in your browser. In addition this is actually a great feature of Manager, especially if you have a large screen because you can kind of multitask your way around, even change the chart of accounts occasionally, search for payments/receipts, etc etc.