Can't find recurring sales invoices

Have downloaded latest version and cannot see recurring sales invoices feature. Please help.

You need to go to Settings tab, then click Customize button, then tick Recurring Sales Invoices.

Thanks but hasn’t worked.
Tried to take copy of what happens but guess that is something else I cannot do.
When I click on settings the only icon that seems relevant is “custom fields”.
If I click on this it says “new custom field”.
If I click on that there are several options but nothing that says recurring sales invoices.

Most features are not enabled by default, if you require recurring sales invoices:

1.) Go to Settings tab.
2.) Click Customize button (not “Custom fields”)
3.) Tick Recurring Sales Invoices and click Update button at the bottom

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Thank you for your patience. I was obviously being dense as was looking for icon with two little arrows round it whereas I should have been looking for tab list to tick. All done now thanks.

I have done all my sales invoices that need to go out monthly in the recurring. But it is not changing the date for the invoice to go off in a months time? Do I have to manually change every recurring invoice date? Once the invoice goes out by email, will it automatically show in the sales invoice?

When new sales invoice is created out of recurring sales invoice, then Next issue date on recurring sales invoice will be automatically set to the next date as per interval rules. You can change the Next issue date if needed but generally it should be updating automatically after each recurring invoice created.