Add line option in all

Hi I want to give one suggestion if possible

I have a large number of entry in single transaction so every time i need to click add line (20) and then on each line i have to select account so it take so much time so here if possible give option


in accounts : Account receivable and enter Number of line required so suppose

I select “Accounts Receivable” and number of line required 100 then click on add line

So manager can insert 100 Line with auto select account “Account Receivable”

What’s your use case? Why do you have a transaction which debits or credits Accounts Receivable 100 times?

i believe what @vrushabh meant was the ability to create 100 lines or as many with the Accounts Receivable selected under the account column in all those lines as a default.

Please don’t interpret others’ posts for them. @lubos asked the original poster for their use case.

My guess (without interpreting) is that they have a large banking of cheques and cash, so with the Accounts Receivable account prefilled they only have to select the Customer.

i have a e commerce business and i will received consolidated payment for lot of sales invoice so i have to maintain bill wise payment