Adding more options to add lines

Is it possible to add another option for adding 100 lines?

May I add that an auto-generated new line would be a nice feature when the last line has some content. The only drawback would be every invoice having an empty line at the end but then you can have the invoice view screen ignore empty lines.

That drawback is serious, because every line is a general ledger entry, even when empty. It would create havoc with reports.

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I don’t like the idea as the user looses the ability to control the number of lines.

If Manager wanted to remove the ability to have blank lines that could be done by always having a grayed out line at the bottom which would become solid when something was entered into it but not saved if left blank.

However I still think more users would dislike rather than like such a change.


Indeed, the presence of additional vertical space at the bottom of completed transaction forms is a frequent complaint on the forum.

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How many lines do you need on a transaction? The program will get progressively more sluggish when editing transaction with so many lines (too many form fields). So I do not really want to send a signal that having a transaction with 500 lines is OK. It’s not. Isn’t there some way to break down such transactions into multiple separate transactions?

unfortunatly no, I informed before about our business type, hundreds of lines, i had one invoice before 347 lines but it was a unique case, usually between 90 and 120 lines

Fair enough. My real intention was to get closer to having a mouse-free experience. For example, pressing the Tab key at the end of the last line to create a new line would be more practical.

edit: quote by mistake

You can already do that by pressing tab until the duplicate line icon and click enter. You have than a new line be-it with duplicate information but you can change that.
Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 08.21.33

This is what I do currently you need to be careful with it though. Having a new line by pressing the Tab key will give you an instant visual feedback so you know when to stop.

Your issue was mouse-free experience and I just pointed out that it is already possible as far as creating new lines is concerned. The alternative you preferred by letting lines automatically appear was justifiably argued against but at least in pursuit of mouse-free you can use this. By the way It is easy to delete the erroneous line by tabbing to the X icon and clicking on it to delete the line.

True. But it’s still a limited experience imagine deleting or modifying something on line 2 when you are in line 8 the mouse is much faster than hitting Shift + Tab 20+ times. Ideally navigating the cells with arrow keys similar to Excel would be the best option.