Accounts receivable multiple entries

@lubos I have noticed that when entering multiple invoice payments from a single customer, the first entry, selecting accounts receivable, customer, invoice number the amount for that invoice is there, but adding lines for the next and other invoices, the procedure is the same AR, customer, inv no. but the amount of that invoice is blank and we have to manually enter the amount. Would it be possible that when an invoice is selected the amount would automatically be entered

@norfolkislandam, you have not described exactly how you are entering receipts against sales invoices, but I think I understand what you meant.

If you enter the receipt under the Sales Invoices tab, by viewing the invoice and selecting Receive money, the receipt form will be automatically populated with Accounts receivable => Customer => Invoice # => Balance due. So the first time the customer makes a payment, the full value of the sales invoice comes up. If that payment is only partial fulfillment of the obligation, subsequent entries via the same process in the same tab will bring up whatever is left over.

If you enter the receipt from the Cash Accounts tab, the invoice balance due does not come up. If you add lines to a receipt form generated from either tab, the behavior is the same as if you started in the Cash Accounts tab, because no matter where you started, Manager transfers you to the Cash Accounts tab as soon as you click Receive money. The program has no way to know you might want to do that, so it doesn’t bring the data along. You might notice that it also doesn’t bring over only unpaid invoices. (That is a behavior many users have complained about.) So you might think of Manager’s behavior when entering from the Sales Invoices tab as a beneficial shortcut.

However, there is still an easier way to do things. When a customer sends one amount to cover several invoices, leave the invoice number blank and the program will allocate the receipt to the oldest invoices in date sequence until the receipt is used up.

@tut thank you for your explanation, for example I have 3 seperate invoices for customer A , inv 836, for $400.00 inv 860 for $175.00 and inv 867 for $265.00. I go to invoice 836 select receive money and go through the process as described, and the total of $400.00 automatically is entered, but then I add a line go through the process select invoice 860 and there is no amount automatically entered I have to manually enter $175.00 and likewise for inv 867 I manually enter $265.00. I just thought once an invoice had been selected that amount would show up.
Having said all that in this case yes the easiest way would have been call up the client do not select invoices and enter paid $840.00 all sorted

@norfolkislandam, your last post confirms what I thought you were doing. Perhaps your desired feature will be implemented when the promised improvement of only showing unpaid invoices is added. But that is beyond my control.