Invoice add line auto

Hello Managers

is there any way to add auto lines in invoice when invoicing.?

What exactly do you mean by “auto lines”?

see the image below please

In Settings / Form defaults / Sales invoice add the number of lines you require and click update

For example to get 4 lines with every new invoice

You can also use the dropdown feature to add different numbers of lines:

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 12.23.44 PM

Manager operates as a browser. You cannot navigate to an element that is not yet there.

I have to agree with @Tut and @Joe91. I don’t know why but every other cloud accounting package that I used seem to freeze for while when you press the final tab to start a new line, which really defeats the purpose of the “shortcut.” I think this all has to do with the programing of the custom tab event and changing selection back to the new line because as @tut said you cannot select something that is not there. Maybe I am wrong, but it does seem to waste rather than save time.