Can i add footer to sales invoice themes

I need to add following footer to sales invoices, delivery notes etc.

For … Business Name

Authorised Signatory Received by
Receiver Name

search the forum before posting new questions. these have been discussed in detail many times on the forum.

Read about creating custom fields below and add them to your Sales Invoice and Delivery Notes.

Thank you Keegan.

How do you define position in custom fields.

I need three in row this items

Unless you develop a custom theme, all custom fields are at the bottom of the document, below the balance due. Use the Position field to control the order they appear in.

This is explained in the Guide @keegan linked to.

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Hi keegan,
The link you provide is not help at all, is there any other way?

@uniquefurniture, if you are going to post a statement saying some other user’s post if not a help, you need explain what you are trying to do that it does not help with. This topic is about adding footers. @keegan linked to a Guide about custom fields, which is how this can be done.

Other than that, if you are asking about positioning of custom fields, that must be done in a custom theme, as I already wrote above. This is not a coding forum. If you do not personally have the Liquid programming skills necessary to design the custom theme you want, hire a local programmer. Most competent web developers will find this an easy task.