Add attachments to projects


Please add attachments to projects (we need to attach documents for our projects)


I also support the idea given by @164Morhf
This will help us to store documents related to a particular project.

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Is there anyone here who encourages us?
I hope this feature will be taken into account by the developer
We’re interested in that.

Thanks @lubos

Added to the latest version (23.3.19).

The profit & loss statement report for a project is now accessible when you click on the figure under Profit column instead of View button.


can’t find it

Attachments are available for me on version

If you mean you can not find the attachment option, then click on edit, scroll down and Choose file and Update (see screenshot):

Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 10.41.39

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Hi, is it possible to add view of line items (income and direct cost) all together in one table?

Also, is it possible that attachments in sales/purchase invoice be available for viewing in projects tab.

hi @lubos , may I know if this can be considered please?