Add Code to groups


I trust all are well and coping with the new norm… I was wondering if there may be a way or an update to allow adding a code to a group just like it is available to accounts. Say for example, adding a new group “Vehicle expense” with code 6012, with accounts like “Fuel expense” code 6012-1 and “Registration” code 6012-2.
Is this something that is planned for future releases or there may be a work around? I am running the Desktop version 20.7.55.
Thank you and stay safe…

If you want codes in group names, include them in the names. Groups used to have code numbers, but those were only used to place them in the desired order. With the revision to the ordering scheme a couple months ago (the shift to drag and drop), there is no need for them. Groups don’t appear in dropdown menus like accounts do, so the only place they show up is on the Summary page and reports.

Hi Tut, Thank you for the quick response. I will update them as you just recommended. Cheers