Account codes for special accounts

Wondering if account codes might be added to the Special Accounts section. Currently the accounts sort on the screen either by account name or account balance (the latter in the case of the drill down from the Summary page. Account codes would allow for more flexibility.

I did not find a previous discussion on this topic, so apologies if I missed it.

Third screen shows account code (outlined) currently used in Bank Accounts Tab

Desktop 21.2.45
Windows 7 Pro

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Imo, I think this should be in ideas because all other account types have codes, what’s so unspecial about special account for them not to have codes?

Anyway, I was just going to propose adding a custom field as a temporary fix but then I realized there isn’t for special accounts. :grin: That should be in ideas too.

Added to the latest version (21.4.28)

@lubos Thank you!