All sales invoices marked overdue w/ double amount (Paid Cloud Edition)


I logged into Manager to discover all my sales invoices being marked overdue, with amounts due doubled from the actual invoice value. I suspect an update has been pushed to manager cloud edition which resulted in this bug. At the moment the program is unusable so this requires immediate attention. Screenshot is below.

This is a result of the foreign currency update. I now have an enormous amount recorded as foreign exchange gains/losses and essentially my entire books have been corrupted as a result of this change. Can @lubos please look into this? It is tax reporting season and having the books corrupted like this is quite serious… Please advise.

Is there a place where version 23.6.26 for Windows X64 can be downloaded? The download page only has the latest version listed. I would like to install it locally to access my books. Once the errors have been fixed I can restore to the cloud edition.

But you cannot open a business file opened in a newer version so you need a backup file.

I think the Github is outdated, there are no updates since May 2022. I did find an archive on Older versions of Manager (Windows) | Uptodown, will run virus total on the file and hope my backup can be opened.

EDIT: Unfortunately you are right, I can’t open the backup file… I suppose the devs are in Australia, hopefully they notice this soon. :tired_face:

This was a bug. It’s fixed in the latest version (

You can go to then login and click Restart Cloud Server to force the upgrade.

Thanks, the problem seems fixed now.

All versions from to the most recent are available in the pinned Manager repository.

Downloading from an unknown source is not recommended.

Has the workflow changed for foreign currencies?

I still enter foreign currency rates ~1 per week. When receiving payments, the actual amount in USD (base currency) and what was received is recorded.

Does foreign exchange gains/losses still take into account differences between received amounts and the exchange rates entered weekly, in addition to increases/decreases in the entered exchange rates?

Do you have a link? Checking here, the most recent version is 22.3.81:

I already gave you the link in my first post.


I see, I was looking under the MSI section. Found all the versions now, thanks.

The workflow is still exactly the same.

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