Problem in currency equivalent

I am using version

I have a huge currency Bug
I will attach two photos (one showing the entry in the editing phase - and the second showing the entry in the Journal phase)
The error is that I put an amount of 354,000 LBP and put it in the equivalent of 59 USD
And when I post the entry, the manager ignores the currency equation (354000 LBP = 59 USD) and then equalizes it according to the date exchange rate in it

I think that this only happens in Journal vouchers and does not happen in receipt and Payment because of the new update (according to the attached picture)

What version are you using?

My journal entry form does not have a currency entry

This is version

Thank you for the reply
But I would like to remind you that this entry is with an ancient history and there are many like it
So my calculations now look messy because of the old processes that were done in the same pattern.

This image was taken from the older version

This is very confusing, you state in your opening topic:

and now you tell us that the screenshot is from an older version because @Joe91 pointed out that it could not have been from v23.7.27.928.

It is just not clear what you are complaining about.

The exchange rate in your journal entry is incorrect - it should be $1 = 6000 LBP (354000 / 54)

This may or may not be a bug - when Manager updated the database, it should have calculated the exchange rate used on the transaction ie 354000 / 54 = 6000 and not the exchange rate from setting which I presume is where the $1 = 20600 LBP comes from

Thanks for trying to help me

I would like to clarify something

In the old days when I made a journal entry - I put in the amount of 354,000 and put in the equivalent of $59

After update the manager has canceled the manual equalizer which i put
On the other hand, it relied on automatic equalizer (depending on the historical exchange rate in the manager’s database)

Why are you looking at entries of 2021? The guide clearly states that newly entered currency data has no impact on numerical values previously entered in Manager and that no currency conversions are computed.

Sir, look at this client’s account
Its account must be zero
But due to the entry number 351 (which should have a value of $59 and now it appears as a value of $17.18), the balance of the customer’s account appears incorrectly.

And measure on this other examples of customers and others

I’m pretty sure this is a software bug that happened after the manager update

I am sure @lubos will solve the problem soon

You can solve it by correcting the exchange rate on the journal entry

Please excuse me, but this is almost impossible
Because if you assume that the customer has a balance of his account now equal to zero, and there are 10 transactions in his account, and 4 of them are in foreign currency (relative to the currency of the customer’s account), then you will have 4 operations that need to readjust the exchange rate to make the transaction match the equivalent number in the past (which we no longer know how much it is worth, after updating the manager)

I ask @lubos to solve the problem regarding the journal transactions in the equivalent currency

You can find historical currency data at Lebanese Pound - 2023 Data - 2008-2022 Historical - 2024 Forecast - Quote - Chart

Thank you for the reply
There may be hundreds of operations since 2021 so far so modifying them is daunting
I would also like to warn that the manager modified my data after the last update, and this caused us great damage, and now my account balances are in a state of great chaos
I am confused about this update
I’d like to revert to an older version of the manager until the bug is fixed (although I think that can’t not work because the data won’t be compatible with older versions)

Is there any interest from the developer in this topic?