Accidentally deleted Manager & cannot re-download

I accidentally deleted the Manager program off my computer today & I cannot seem to download it again. I keep getting an error message “Could not create key” as per attached image. Can anyone help please?

OK, I just read an old post of mine & remembered that I had to download the Manager.exe, the Manager.msi wouldn’t work on my PC. The problem is I cannot find the exe file anymore. I am using Windows 8.1. Can someone point me to where I can download the exe file? Thankyou.

You can download the latest version from:

Unzip and launch ManagerDesktop.exe

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Thanks so much. I actually found it just before you posted. Phew, I was worried!

OK, it seems it needs more than just the ManagerDesktop.exe file to work. I tried to clean things up a bit by deleting some of the files, but it wouldn’t work. Is there a list of required files?

Almost all the files are required. Why are you trying to clean things up? Keep the binary folder intact.

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Thankyou. I will leave them all there.