Mapping Manager to a Custom Domain

We have purchased a server version of Manager and started to using that, We want to run that on custom domain like

Kindly provide how we can achieve that. We are using IIS Hosting.

custom domains are for cloud edition of Manager.
if you want server edition on the cloud, you should install VPS on any cloud server.
server edition of Manager is meant for organizations with IT skills to install and run it.

Thanks you for the update. i will check for that Option.

Also is it possible to migrate from Server Edition to Cloud Edition…

you can switch between any editions of Manager by backup and import of your data file.

Read the Guide: Manager Cloud.

Thank you for the information.

We have purchased the server edition license, if we need to use cloud edition again we have to purchase the cloud license, in that case there will be a refund of the server edition license.

i have checked for contact details, but i cant find any.

And these cloud version shows the name given is a part of manager, if i give name like abc, it will be

is this can be customized… like (Our own Sub Domain)


yes. read below topic.

thank you so much… i will do as per your suggestion…