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Hello Manager is a great application - Thank you for your tremendous effort. We are using the Server Edition 14.5.30 and I am wondering if it is possible for the user, once logged in, to set their own password? The way it appears to work at present is the “administrator” can do it on behalf of the user. This is not altogether bad because the manager can control the password strength and have it locked in as such. However for the users there is the thing where they wish no one to have knowledge of their password.

Interested in your thoughts…


I agree and this is going to be implemented pretty soon. It’s OK for administrator to set initial password but it is absolutely a must for users to change their own passwords too.

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Excellent, look forward to this.

+1 Any progress on this?

Implemented in the latest version (14.7.48).

The username in top-right corner is now clickable which allows logged-in user to change their password.

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Excellent Lubos, will check in on this during the course of the week - Thank you.

OK this is perfect - I see the Manager / Administrative account can be done in the same way too.

Not sure if this is related but the Forum and About Manager tabs have been removed for normal users - Is this by design?

Yes it is. Many people have been asking for “white-label” approach if restricted user is logged in.

Right Thank you. All good.

Is it possible to control password policy/strength when user changes their password? The system will be on internet and issue if user decides to use password or 123 as password. Your thoughts on this?

I could implement this but ultimately it will be always up to administrator to decide what rules they want to enforce on new passwords. I’m in no position to decide which password policy is “secure enough”. I will add this to my todo list.

Thanx will be great feature for security so the Admin can have some peace of mind when they have a “desktop user” :smile:

Hey Lubos,

Is it possible to add a “password required” feature when adding and removing a business? The other day, i nearly subconsciously removed a businessWHICH I had not even backed up. Inputing a password would be a way of ensuring a conscious and deliberate action, As well, where several persons have access to the business only the one with the password can add or remove a business.

Remove Business “only” deletes the business name from the opening screen, it “doesn’t” delete the actual data file. If accidental removal does occur, just go to Add Business + Import Business. You don’t need a backup copy of the business to do this.