Ability to enter date in short hand

I’ve recently switched to Manager and i have a lot of past transactions to be entered. While doing it when I try to enter a past date in short hand (eg: 2/3/14 ) the entry isn’t registered and it reverts back to the current date. whereas when the date and month of my past transaction is same as the current date but only the year is different and i enter it in short hand Manager accepts the entry and the date isn’t reverted back. This doesn’t happen when i enter the complete date (02/03/2014). So every time for all the past transactions do i have to enter the full date ?

Another request, after entering a past transaction when we click on “create and add another” it would be helpful if the date remained the same as the last transaction unless we specify it or it can be implemented like, if a certain past date is used for more than two transactions consecutively then when "create and add another " is selected the date date field for the new transaction should automatically be filled with that past date until it is changed manually. Thank You

Why are you entering past transactions ?
If you are coming from another accounting system, just establish a start date (start of the financial year) and enter the opening balances in Manager and process current year transactions.

What type of transactions are they ?
There could be a quicker method then actual re-entering.

I have only been using an expense manager and spreadsheets so far ,so no way of importing them and i want all the transactions in one place. I have the expenses grouped by months so i dont have to enter each one individually.
I don’t do data entry on my desktop on a daily basis. I use my mobile to record the transactions daily and enter them only during the weekends. so a need arises for me to enter past transactions there, leave alone past years.

The reason why I asked this was , I tried GNUCash for sometime and it had the feature I requested. Do you think that is worthy of implementation?

Yes, but I am just another user not the developer - perhaps they will add this in their refinements pile.

Ok, that’s an efficient way. An alternate would be to process all the bank account transactions via Imported Bank Statements. If your financial institution allows data selection by date parameters you could select a whole year into one file, import that and then use Bank Rules to assist with allocation.

Once you are up to date, then do a weekly/fortnightly/monthly data download and import.

Thanks I appreciate your help but my bad is that most of my transactions are cash transactions and very few are bank transactions. The other software that i am currently using is Moneywiz and I have a lot of transfers between cash and bank accounts and Moneywiz currently cant report or export transfers in a separate file . It doesn’t treat transfers as a transaction at all. So I have to go through the process of manually finding and entering each and every transfer between the accounts in Manager. Hence i’ve grouped different expense and income categories by month and I’ve decided to enter them all in one transaction per month and the transfers alone I’ll have to do each and every one of it .Any Suggestions ?

BTW were you able to reproduce the error i mentioned earlier while entering the full date or if you haven’t could you please try it out by entering a past date in a sample entry ??

Your date complaint doesn’t show an error, it reveals a behavior of the program. And you should need to enter the full year, just the last two digits. At least, that is how it works on my Mac.

When i enter the last two digits of a past year the program behaves in a different way and not when entering the full four digits. So that is how it is for you as well ?