Keep date of last transaction

I dont think I have missed this anywhere. I enter my transactions every few months and each time I enter a new Spend etc I get today’s date. Is it possible to have a preference to start at the last date entered? So if I am entering transactions in March at least the date I am presented with is the last one I entered in March and not today’s date in July. Thanks

On each start up of Manager it will default to your computer system date and this is standard in all accounting software. However, once processing of a type (Spend Money) has commenced and the “Create and Add” is clicked, then the retention of the last date used is a reasonable suggestion.

Alternatively, if your Receive or Spend transactions are Bank Account related, then you could use “Import Bank Statement” to record the respective dates.

I am curious why you would want to default to an old date that will almost always have to be changed. Good accounting practice is to enter transactions as they occur, so today’s date is the logical default. Of course, sometimes you will have to edit the date, but at least it has a chance of being correct.

I, like I suspect a lot of others, am not a good accountant. It is a necessary evil and I get poked to enter transactions every 3 months when the BAS is due. That means that I am sitting in July and starting to enter transactions back in April. Which means every time i start a new transaction I have to go back 3 months etc to put in the right date. I do it, but it would just save that extra time having the month you are working on come up, then you just need to select the day and go. Other software seems to work that way, I used Quickbooks for years and MYOB.
I guess if you were up to date with it every day then it is not an issue but my guess is that unless you are doing it as a job and not as a necessity then you are not up to date.
The other time saver would be the ability to preferentially enter transactions as cents not $.cents. Only one extra keystroke but with the dec point but why if you don’t have to?

Yes but what about using Import Bank Statement - download 3 months or one month at a time then all keystrokes regarding dates and figures are totally eliminated - that is time saving.

I agree with robyn. I am usually a BAS driven accountant, but I am changing slowly.

I am also a new user and wanted to add the whole of last years transactions. I found changing the date quite tedious.

It would be sufficient to keep the date of the last transaction once you start adding transactions. ie. not necessary to keep the date between sessions. So if I add a transaction from 3 months ago, then next transaction will pick up that date by default. If you want to spring back to the present, then ‘today’ can be selected.


There is no need to do that. That’s what opening balances are for. You transfer account balances from whatever your previous record system was, not lots of previous transactions.

If you want to load past transactions so that Manager contains all your accounting history, why not use Import Bank Statement for the bank related transaction. Could probably do a whole year in an afternoon with the use of Bank Rules.